Bob Wilson

Bob is a socially maladroit songwriter, whose disdain for  modern convention is showcased in his songs of pop oriented impending doom. He enjoys mnemonics, Vedic math, Austrian economics and spooky stuff. He will randomly scream out  "BULLS**T". Do not invite him to dinner parties.

Ken Allhands

 Ken? Let's see...quirky, humorously cynical, easygoing, loves deep intellectual/philosophical discussions, digs motorcycles, does code-geek stuff, cooks tasty bad-for-you dishes and really enjoys playing drums (which he happens to be great at).

Sean Caldwell

Sean Caldwell's name is Sean Caldwell. His once promising yo-yo career was cut short by an unfortunate yet hilarious training accident that left him with three working testicles. Undeterred, Sean took up the bass guitar producing several dozen selling albums such as, Four Strings of Fortitude, Bass is All You Need, 63 Minute Solo Dirge, Please Hear My Bass and Who Needs a Bass Player?

Chris Diener

 Chris Diener is using his amassed fortune as a guitarist and vocalist to invest in a second career as a professional synchronized swimmer.  His collection of unitards is quite astounding. 

Mark Watson

 Mark Watson is a wizard. No, really. He will turn your ass into a newt..... and you won't get better. Mark enjoys getting caught in the rain,  the tast of champagne and pina coladas. Mark has never been arrested and is a 7th Level Grand Master in the Burt Convy fan club.